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About Uru Live

'Myst Online - Uru Live' is an adventure game like Myst but with an online and multiplayer component. It is also the first Myst game that lets you explore the underground D'ni city. Linking books can be found in several places throughout the D'ni city, giving access to Ages not found in "Uru: Ages Beyond Myst". Although you won't meet Atrus or Sirrus and Achenar here (that may be a good thing though), the game is certainly in the spirit and universe of Myst. With all the Ages combined, there's a lot to explore.

Although most of the Ages can be completed without help from others, some Ages cannot be completed alone. Ages like Er'cana and Ahnonay can only be completed with the help of at least one other person. For the garden Ages Eder Tsogal and Eder Delin you will need seven other players if possible, but depending on the experience of the players, fewer people can do it too. If you ever need someone to help you, a good place to look for people is in Ae'gura, near the city map at the plaza.

Ae'gura Plaza

At times, the cavern may look deserted, but usually there's always someone around. A lot more is going on here than you might think. There are several events each month and you can even take D'ni language classes. For an overview of upcoming events take a look at the Event Calendar.

For more info visit the 'Myst Online - Uru Live' website: http://mystonline.com  From this website the game can be downloaded for free.

Screenshots can be found in the Image Gallery,  and for events in the Live Event Gallery.


Because 'Myst Online - Uru Live' is in part Open Source Software, the game has several forks that are refered to as "Shards". They all offer a similar gameplay as Myst Online - Uru Live (MOUL), but offer additional content that is not available in MOUL. Some have added other Ages created by players, others have added new content in Ae'gura. Some are based on the online version (MOUL), while others are based on the offline (CD) version. This website is for the most part about the MOUL Shards.

An overview of all the Shards that I know of is in the Shards topic. This topic explains what each Shard has to offer and how they differ from each other.

List of some of the Shards:

The Open Cave: http://the-open-cave.net

Gehn Shard: https://www.guildofwriters.org/gehn

UAM Shard: http://myst.dustbird.net/wiki/Uam/Shard

Deep Island: https://forum.guildofwriters.org/viewtopic.php?f=111&t=4611

My Guide On How To Install The Deep Island Shard


Site News

PodHopper's Journals Newsfeed
New Calculator: The Spiral Door Simulator 12-04-2021

During the Net2-era, I started working on the Spiral Door Simulator. It is an online tool for learning the symbols on the Garden Age doors and a training tool for those who want to know how to do a doorrun. It has a help section containing information about the tool itself, as well as information and tips about what to do during a doorrun.

It is fully functional but I would like to optimize it for mobile phones as well. Right now, the Viewer and Trainer work fine on mobiles but the simulator has one issue that is specific to mobiles: the image of the Spiral Door gets pushed off-screen as soon as the virtual keyboard pops up. I will work on a solution that removes the need for the virtual keyboard to appear.

Go to the Spiral Door Simulator.

Laki'anay Guide Updated (Giloto Office Door) 10-30-2021

When I was writing the Laki'anay Guide, I left out the explanation for the Giloto Office Door puzzle. At the time, I felt my guide would become too long-winded. However, as the correct solution to the keypad puzzle was not derived from the available clues, I decided that more explaining was needed.

Go to the Laki'anay Guide.

Topic Updated: 'Pod Age Animals' 08-18-2021

For years the monkey in Negilahn was named incorrectly. I used the name Panuhdoy for it as that was the name the D'ni Zoological Society had given it. In their defence, the only available description of the animals came from the notebook in the museum. As I have stated before, the animals are so poorly described in that notebook, that a mistake like this was apparently unavoidable. The monkey is called Pumi instead of Panuhdoy. That information was revealed only very recently with the disclosure of the "Intangibles" materials.

Go to the Pod Age Animals Topic.

A few updates: Feather Commands & Instant Pellets 07-31-2021

For many years, 13 was the total number of feathers in Moul(a). Now that new Ages have arrived, new feathers have been added. Currently, there are 16 feathers total in Moul(a). You'll find the feather commands listed under Easter Eggs on the 'Chat Commands & Emotes' page.

Another tip was added for pellet bakers: Instant Pellets! This is an old trick that existed for years but it fits well in the category of harder-to-find information. See the 'Hints, Tips & Manuals' page for more info.

Go to the Chat Commands Topic.

Or go to the Hints, Tips & Manuals Topic.

New Topic: 'Hints, Tips & Manuals' 07-29-2021

A lot of information is available on the internet about Uru or Moul(a). However, sometimes certain information is hard to find. Among these harder to find things is (for example) the 'Myst Online Manual'. I decided to create a new page where I can put manuals, documents and other bits of information.

Go to the Hints, Tips & Manuals Topic.

Topic Updated: 'Chat Commands & Emotes' 07-18-2021

Some time ago I had a conversation with another explorer about the emotes listed on my 'Chat Commands & Emotes' page. He said that contrary to what I stated, the emotes were not so self-explaining for people that don't speak english natively. I thought about it and I agree. So I decided to add a description to the list of emotes.

Although I had several methods available for doing this, I decided not to use pop-up messages as these tend to get in the way. Especially in this case where all cells in the emotes-table would need a pop-up. Instead, I chose to place the description in a box at the bottom of the table. I would have preferred to add a small animated picture as well, but I decided to leave that for a future update of the topic.

Go to the Chat Commands Topic.

Topics Updated: 'Shroomie' and 'Bots For Fun' 07-07-2021

It's been too long since I last updated this website. And there were several things that needed to be updated or that I had started working on. Of all the things I worked on, only my weekly 'Relaxing Session' continued without any interruption. One of the first things on my todo-list was the fact that we no longer have the Magic bots (Magic bot and Mimi bot). These bots were mentioned in two topics: 'Shroomie' and 'Bots For Fun'. These topics have now been updated to reflect this change...

Go to the Shroomie Topic.

Or go to the 'Bots For Fun' Topic.

KI time Converter Updated 01-09-2021

This update fixes an issue that only occurred during the change in Daylight Saving Time. A few minor interface improvements were added too. For example, after setting the time, the conversion can also be started by pressing the Enter-key now.

Go to the KI time Converter.

Eder Gira Clock Timezone Issue Resolved 01-08-2021

The Eder Gira Clock is updated and is working correctly for all time zones now. :)) Clap

Eder Gira Clock Timezone Issue 01-07-2021

The Eder Gira Clock seems to have a timezone related issue. Although it is working fine for me, I have received two reports of the time being displayed a few hours off. Both were from a timezone in the USA. Interesting thing is that the portal calculator is working fine for these people. So it looks like I omitted doing something that I did in the portal calculator. The issue is definitely timezone related, so I will look into that aspect as well.

What can I say? Well, I hope to fix this soon :)

Portal Countdown Updated 01-07-2021

The Portal Countdown was updated last year to also show how long a portal remains open. However, it actually showed how long a portal is visible. During the last few seconds that a portal is visible it is no longer possible to step through the portal. From now on, the Portal Countdown will show correctly when and how long you can step through the portal. And with that, the portal countdown has all the features that I had planned for it.

Go to the Portal Countdown.

Topic Updated: Chat Commands & Emotes 01-03-2021

The Easter Egg commands have been added to the 'Chat Commands & Emotes' page. These include the feather commands but also the /roll command. I found a handy PDF file that was made by Tiran (no, I never met him), showing all the chat commands and such on a single page PDF file. Last but not least, I also changed the layout of the page a bit and added a jump-navigator to quickly jump to a chapter further down the page.

Go to the Chat Commands Topic.

Portal Calculator Updated 01-02-2021

The Portal Calculator has a small analog clock in the top right corner. I changed its timings in order to make it use fewer cpu cycles. Not that it was a problem on modern computers, but for older computers the clock could be a bit demanding. I have also added a Pod Age map that was sent to me by Ovaron. It shows more clearly where the 4 pods are located in the Pod Age.

Go to the Portal Calculator.

New Eder Gira Clock 12-30-2020

Shorah and a save New Year,

Eder Gira by day or night, this new calculator will tell you what time of the day it is in Eder Gira and show the actual Age from 3 different viewpoints: one looking at the waterfalls, one looking at where the sun rises and one looking at where the sun sets. Showing the color changes over the course of the day. Should you want to come back later, it can also tell you when the next sunrise will be.

Go to the new Eder Gira Clock.

Er'cana Guide Updated (Harvester Glitch) 11-12-2020

Sometimes when you climb onto the harvester, the camera moves away towards the facility and warps your avatar directly to the facility without the harvester. When you continue climbing up or down, your avatar will fall down and panic-link back to Relto. Fortunately, this glitch is not as evil as the one in Ahnonay and I believe it can be prevented the same way: make sure you have your KI visible in the top left of the screen before you climb onto the harvester.

Go to the Er'cana Guide.

Event Galleries Updated 11-08-2020

The Event Galleries have been updated: dark images were made more bright or the colors were corrected where needed and the occasional mouse-cursor was removed from the images. This is something I usually do much sooner after the event but I have been quite busy lately.

Some work was done on a few topics like: 'The Algea Light Cycle', 'The Eder Gira Clock' and 'Uru on Linux'. I just need to write the final piece (and code) in order to finish it. I'm also behind in updating my site about the Magic bots and I'm pretty sure there was something else as well. I will try to finish most of these topics this year, so the next two months could get interesting...

Go to the updated Live Event Gallery.

Ahnonay Guide Updated 09-26-2020

In my original Ahnonay Guide I wrote about the device in the middle of the pool and called it a 'lifesign detector'. OMG! Did I really write that? That's not very D'ni-ish. Pressure plates and such are D'ni technology, but lifesign detectors are not! Ok, I will submit myself to [X] for a public flogging later, for now I reworded the pieces about the device. I also added a few lines about the three places where you can get back on the island from the water.

Go to the Ahnonay Guide.

I'm still working on a new Gira "clock" that can show when it will be day or night in Eder Gira. It will show the actual sunrise and sunset with images that change as the Gira sun moves across the sky. More will follow soon.

New Gallery Added: Myst 5: Noloben 09-20-2020

This is another delayed project of mine as I started taking the first pictures over a year ago. However, I wanted to include a picture of one of the snakes in the tall grass. Unfortunately, these snakes have a nasty habit of not showing up when you are waiting for them. Anyway, Noloben is a very beautiful Age with a very realistic ocean surrounding the main island. This Age is not included in Uru but can be added to either the Deep Island Shard or the UAM Shard using the Drizzle program if you have the original Myst 5 game already installed.

Go to the Noloben Image Gallery.

New Topic Added: Chat Commands & Emotes 08-12-2020

Although I thought about making this topic last year, it was after I recently met a few new people that I decided to actually make this topic. It is about commands you can use while chatting with other people; things like waving hello, laughing, tapping your foot and many others...

Go to the Chat Commands Topic.

Shards Topic Updated and Button Added For Music Stream 08-10-2020

Contrary to what I previously stated, the Deep Island Shard has widescreen support. You need to create a simple text file (.ini) to enable it. A link to the forum-topic that explains how to do it is also included.

Go to the Deep Island section on the Shards page.

I also added a button to open my weekly music stream from this page. I like that it also shows the album cover for each track that has the cover-image embedded. You'll find the new button in the 'Upcoming Events' section a little more to the top of this page.

News Archive

Older news is archived here.

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