Zephyr Cove

Created by: Andy Legate

Version: 2008Dec3(Night)

Available in: Deep Island Shard,
UAM Shard

Although Zephyr Cove is one of the last Fan Ages alphabetically, I would like to start with this one as it is a nice Age in itself. Too bad it was never really finished. Many Fan Ages are incomplete though. Some are nothing more than a landscape with simple textures and nothing in it like a journal to read or a button to press. This one offers besides a very nice beach, a few journals (with a potentially good storyline), one lever to open a door and at the end a mysterious room.


When you link to the Age, you arrive in between a few large rocks. Walk forward and you will get a better view of the beach. Turn left and walk towards the rectangular shaped border in the sand. Past it you will find an umbrella with a pair of beach chairs, a table and a coolbox. On the table you will find the first journal. It explains by who and why the Age was created.

Zephyr Cove
Welcome To "Zephyr Cove"

After reading the journal, continue walking over the beach past the two big rocks. You arrive at a large area of empty beach. Only one tiki torch is set up there, walk towards it and you'll find the opening in the rock wall that was described in the journal.

Cave Entrance
Cave Entrance


Enter the cave and turn left. On a brick table you see what looks like 3 basins and a journal. After reading the journal, continue exploring this cave. You'll find other compartments, most empty, some with some vases in them. Walk past a wooden door on your right. This door cannot be opened, so continue forward and search the area on your left with another wooden door that cannot be opened. On the floor lies the third journal. After reading that journal, walk to the other side of the cave, past the wooden door with a lever next to it. On your right you'll find the entrance to another room with an oven or fireplace. Next to it is the last journal you will find in this Age.

The last three journals didn't add much new information, so it's time to explore what's behind the wooden door with the lever next to it. Pull the lever and walk through the door. My first reaction when entering this cave was: Eehw, Brimstone... The caves you're in now look so much like the caves in "Drakan, Order Of The Flame".

Brimstone Cave

Continue walking through the caves until you enter a large room with a stone bridge in the middle. Walk over the bridge crossing a stream of lava and enter the cave on the other side of the bridge.

There's real virtual lava down there!

The cave leads to a tunnel on your right. At the end of this tunnel is a strange room with mushrooms. This room looks rather different from what we've seen in this Age so far. There appear to be several basins with mushrooms growing in them. If these basins were larger, i would say this is a greenhouse. However, the basins with mushrooms in them are relatively small compared to the walkways next to it. The stream of water looks more like it is for decoration than for irrigation. That, combined with the many doors on each side of the room, make me believe this room was supposed to become a street or plaza where once people had lived. Judging from the ceiling, I'd even go as far as saying that the makers of this Age were trying to make a plaza much like a D'ni cavern neighborhood. It's a bit sad it was never completed. Between the mushrooms you will also see some rather large crystals. Some of them will make a tone when touched. Other than that, there is nothing you can do here.

Mushroom Plaza
Mushroom Plaza

Although this Age has no more areas to explore (as far as I know), there's one place you have not been to yet. It's back at the beginning of this Age, past the point were you linked in. So, get back there, either by walking back, using the '/a' command or by linking to Relto and back to this Age. Once there, walk towards the tent in the distance. Mmmh, that looks like a mighty heavy wooden door for such a tent. But the door cannot be opened, so continue walking over the beach until you've reached the last tiki torch. A plaque on the wall shows who created this Age (in real live) and a book next to the tiki torch promises to have something on the grill. Too bad the grill is nowhere to be found in the Age...

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